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I would think that the tolerances needed for adjustment of distances to perfectly balance a rotor/staror combination like you are talking about (when magnets pull more than they push) require some pretty detailed machine work that most folks here are not going to be able to afford to have done and do not have the equipment to build on their own, so most builders have been eliminated from this project before we get out of the starting gate.

There are a few here who will probably give this a shot if they can figure out exactly WHAT it is they are trying to build. To be honest, I have not taken the time to sit down and try to "read between the lines" to figure out what to build from your written description. I was hoping you would be more forthcoming and I wouldn't HAVE to. I am lazy that way, but I understand restrictions involved with an NDA. Attached is what I believe you were talking about when you referred to John B's device, and I assume you are looking at a hybrid of that and the drawing made by Charly2. If I understand you right, there would be more than one of the "ramps" around the rotor, and your ramps would pivot in the middle. How this would work and how fits together with a stator, I am not clear on....if I am even on the right track here.

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