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I have built a NUMBER of attempts at a permanent magnetic motor, and early on I went down the same road regarding attraction and repulsion of the magnets offsetting each other, but still have not been able to come up with a working design. So I would be extremely interested in anything further you want to share. Pictures or video would be especially helpful if you have something you have already built.

I will say that what I ran into is that the repulsion force between two magnets does not SEEM to be equal in "force" to the attraction force of the same exact two magnets. Is this your experience, or have you seen something different or been able to compensate for the difference? Any help you could've would be sincerely appreciated. I have two drawers in my work bench filled with magnets. One is full of neos and the other filled with ceramic, so I could probably build about anything with a working drawing.

By the way, the doubters will come out of the woodwork soon. The easiest way to shut them up is to show a working device. Pretty hard to argue with THAT, although they will still claim there are hidden motors or whatever.

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