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clarification about serial/parallel resonance inside the E-TBC

another complicated behavior inside the E-TBC is the serial resonance! the original idea about this isn't mine, a friend clarified the idea to me, the first thoughts was seen if CD connection is open, here we will have two coils AC and DB they are connected using the capacitance formed between these two coils if CD is open, now let consider the past/future light cone discussed in my document :


the model describe the serial resonance when CD is open isn't accurate! what i am going to say is a bit complicated but the past/future light cone still has the answer, to make the things easy we have to consider two points, AB is the coil side ( magnetic side ) they form an open circuit, this is a coil has a capacitor built in it, CD is the capacitor side ( electric side ) this is a closed circuit, X point resemble the broken symmetry! all the elements inside the E-TBC met in just one point, the reader is invited to read the above PDF so the whole idea can be seen ... serial resonance appear only between the two phases before the coil start charging the capacitor, it's the time when AB (open) will transform into AB ( closed ).

the whole idea behind the E-TBC is to eliminate the use of displacement current and change it by spin separation area when the two energetic portions magnetic and electric are in equal state physically AB (open) will function the same as AB ( closed ) this phase is the exact serial resonance state and can be achieved only when CD connection is closed !
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