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Originally Posted by Farmhand View Post
I agree the machines are useless as far as doing a reasonable amount of real
work for the cost and as with Thanes setup they are very inefficient when
the total input is compared to the useful output.

That is also true for the transformer version of the effect where the input
drops when the transformer is loaded. I also demonstrated a transformer
performing the effect.

Search for a thread by OverunityGuide about it.

If a setup is using 180 Watts so that 20 Watts can be drawn without slowing
the machine or even speeding it up a bit then that is about 11 % efficient.
So no, doing that is not useful it's wasteful.

I didn't see anything from OverunityGuide which was interesting, but I did run across this. It is actually a well done test and results are plotted like this:

From this link: DLE-TEST07 : Full measurements on the Regenerative Acceleration Generator from Thane C. Heins

The plot uses generator RPM as the abscissas (x-axis) and shows delta RPM and delta input power in percentage. That is input power from the power supply driving the motor turning the generator. So there is no measure of generator output power. So there is no means to determine the efficiency of the generator. However, the generator load is 0.1Ω and the coil resistance is 23Ω. So from those two parameters, a best case efficiency for the generator regardless of load or speed is 0.43%. Not 43%, but 0.0043 or 0.43%. Less than 1 percent. But this is near a short circuit output where this "regenerative acceleration" is observed. And efficiency at short circuit is zero. So it make sense to me and is why I question the usefulness of such generators.

Has anything similar to this "regenerative acceleration" been observed and recorded at a useful generator output? Like maybe 200 to 300 Watts for a device that size? How about taking a commercially available generator and rewinding it to improve efficiency from 80% to 85%? Then do a side by side comparison test under load measuring inputs and outputs? Is that too much to ask?

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