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Hi John, Hi everyone !

what's up ? i just finished forming the foils needed to make the new E-TBC, a chemical etching process has done in order to achieve more surface, maybe about 2 to 3 or more surface! advanced technique may give X100 time or more

the foils must be cleaned with water and kept in dry place before using it, this process isn't a must, but it's good to achieve more capacitance, i used 3 meter length in each foil, the width of foil is about 6 cm , i will use a relatively thin plastic isolator so the distance between foils will be smaller, because CD connection is closed we could work with relatively small high voltage in order of 4KV or 5 to 6KV, i know the problem is still achieving the direct resonance, at the moment i can't give more detail since no practical test has done but i will just discuss an important phenomena regarding the length between L1 and L2 .

one of the amazing phenomena about the E-TBC is the effect of L2 coil toward L1 , this mean L1 will see if L2 is inside its core or outside! to achieve length matching between L1/L2 we have to make L2 inside L1 ... but why ?

in reality this is due to its special geometry, the E-TBC form a kind of open parallel L/C circuit, if L1 is inside L2 this character will be affected since L2 will be a closed circuit, if L1 is outside L2 some special phenomena will happen and the two coils may talk to each other !

when we say the E-TBC form an open circuit i don't mean the energetic side ( the attraction of electrons and so on ... ) but i mean the geometry itself, for example when the coil start oscillating the power start from point A to point B, these two point form an open coil but it still can oscillate since the one D capacitor is hidden inside

i will post more!

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