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Originally Posted by bistander View Post
What puzzles me is that I have always found that when I short the armature or a phase (coil(s)) on a permanent magnet machine (motor or generator), it comes to a screeching stop. And is impossible to rotate by hand at more than an RPM or two. So what gives with these demonstrations of "regenerative acceleration"? Two things come to mind. One is the coil impedance is ridiculously high. And two, that the magnetic circuit is ridiculously loose or leaky. In other words, the machine is useless as far as doing any real work. It is just an academic exercise showing an anomaly caused by armature reaction.
I agree the machines are useless as far as doing a reasonable amount of real
work for the cost and as with Thanes setup they are very inefficient when
the total input is compared to the useful output.

That is also true for the transformer version of the effect where the input
drops when the transformer is loaded. I also demonstrated a transformer
performing the effect.

Search for a thread by OverunityGuide about it.

If a setup is using 180 Watts so that 20 Watts can be drawn without slowing
the machine or even speeding it up a bit then that is about 11 % efficient.
So no, doing that is not useful it's wasteful.

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