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Originally Posted by Farmhand View Post
Well Turion

Basically the effect is inefficient.

If Thanes setup is OU then why is mine not OU as well ?

Answer is simple Thanes setup is not OU never was.

Thane has only shown one or two coils operating at a time.

The main thing we all need to take note of is the fact that

the business man standing there in Thane's demo represents

a company that spends X amount on electric daily.

Thane showed the man how he could go from conventional

mode to the RegenX MODE and back again. Many have contested

that under a load THANES effect goes away. This has been proven

not to be the case.

Even under a load the rotors will increase energy.

Now let's look at the cost saving. Let's say the man standing

at the demo spent $100,000 per month to run a machine or

machines. With Thane's setup the man would get $30,000 back

and he could buy a lot of THANE hardware

What I don't understand is why people don't realize that if 30

percent can be saved by recycling, something that the universities

say is a taboo discussion, why can't they figure out that 60 percent

is possible?????? Why not 160 percent???????????????

Anyway just a thought for those who think.
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