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Earth Solar System

Earth Solar System:
Have had a speed read of the Video presentation by Eric of 'Power Of Ether' from the Conference and looks interesting but not quite what I was looking for.
However, what caught my eye was the Earth Solar System on page/slide 178 and would like to know the reference for that slide.
Can anyone assist please - thanks?

Have been doing some research into the Flat Earth and the true shape of Earth and our Solar System as all we get is the fudged Photoshop version from NASA.

Doing my own Sun Distance readings on a weekly basis and today's calculation was 3,213 miles (5,171 km).

Said to be 'about 3,100 miles' so appear to be in the ballpark but with the Analemma doing a figure '8' will predict that it will vary throughout the year's cycle.
Method I have developed only requires one angle reading at midday and the setup is simple and requires only a small amount of baseband distance calculation using readily available distances.
NASA gives the distance as 94.5 million miles (149.6 million kilometers).
So why the deceit and lies and when are we going to get the truth?

Would like to know of Eric's opinion on the shape of the Earth and how our Sun and the Planets are truly arranged and of course, is the Earth a flat plane?
People working at the so called 'South Pole' are questioning its shape as they appear to have significant distance problems and would agree if it is a solid ice edge that circles the entire Earth as a rim or edge with the North Pole at its centre.

Have about 5 projects in the Lab at this time but working outside while it is cool and wont get back till the weather begins to warm.
Looking at the disclosures of Canadian Gerard Morin as he appears to have set up an experiment that equals Tesla's Impulse technology in driving an electric motor through a small washing machine pump at RF and producing considerable light at the output:

Have asked him to replace or at least verify his Digital Meters with Analogue readings as from my own experience, 'radiant' or 'cold' energy plays havoc with digital electronics.
Wondering what excess ambient energy is being produced by the Carbon brushes of the motor and then I came across this from Tesla which also came from Eric's presentation:

Patent US0381968

Imagine what the brushes are doing here with respect to impulses and RF.

Catching up on the site here and will be back shortly.

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