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hello everyone!

every week i receive some emails about this device, do i have a working prototype or no ? the reply is simple i don't have it yet! i shared the idea as soon as possible in a hope for someone else to continue the job, maybe a couple of person as i watched some Russian guys working as one team, this was very awesome, i felt happy to see this :-)

i am saying this because sometimes i feel despair, but i will continue my work until the end..

so, what's next?

the idea have to be slightly modified, CD connection have to be closed permanently, this is very important for the three parameter to work together, as i said before R. L . C, the E-TBC have to work in resonance which is a bit difficult to achieve in high voltage, but i think we could solve this problem by working across some steps :

1- the first thing we have to do is to know the resonance frequency for our E-TBC, this can be done very easy using the previous discussed Colpitts oscillator, the E-TBC must be connected through A .B . X , now measure this frequency in a paper.

2- the second step is knowing the frequency of HV module, in a case you are using Mazzili driver it's the frequency of the tank circuit that work with the two MOSFET.

3- now you know the frequency of E-TBC and you know the frequency of HV module, these two frequency have to be matched in order to achieve the resonance if CD connection is closed , how we do that ? read more!

4- you have to put another capacitor in parallel with the E-TBC when it's oscillating in low voltage using the simple transistor oscillator, now watch the wave form using your scope ( when the test is done i will supply the results ) now you have two options :

A- you could add more capacitor until you get a frequency equal the frequency of HV module
B- you need to know the relation affect the resonating system E-TBC + C ( the capacitor have to be added ) in order to calculate the capacitor needed .


for less problem it's better to work with Mazzili driver for high frequency, the second thing the E-TBC have to have a higher capacitance, if you have etched foil use it, but you still have another parameter which is L the inductance of E-TBC, the idea is to work with less manageable frequency in the E-TBC side, for example 400 KHZ or less will be good, i hope to post more result later soon .
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