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Just Mass Embedded Nearly 1000 Videos!

Hello everyone. Seems to be the most discussion on the Renewable Energy thread so i'll likely do most of my posting on the applicable thread about there on the Energetic Forum.

Just wanted to say thanks for supporting our new site, i'm really excited that there are more 24 members who are signed up on the site already. That is awesome as far as conversion ratios are concerned.

In response to all the new interest in the site i have mass embedded nearly 1000 videos already. Theres alot of energetic forum content there, however not all of it will be, however it is all pertinent to the applicable category that it is embedded to. I am making extra effort here with regard to focusing on content on youtube that is energetic forum related.

Once there is a little more submitted video material actually uploaded to the site server i will turn the Featured Video Scroller over to show membership owned and uploaded material only. NOTE: The "Featured Video" scroller will be where we can see the latest or the most important content that we wish to exhibit. I'll stay on top of it. If you can upload it. I'll make sure it gets featured. Make sure to pick up a copy of this encoder SUPERę,2008) FreeWare for Windows« Comes with a full Installer / Un-Installer package It really makes the uploading easier as well as the useful archiving on your hard drives much more efficient.

Thanks again,
Darcy Klyne

If you wish to contact me by email for support related issues feel free
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