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It doesn't matter what anyone thinks the perps wanted us to believe. The nose-out was exposed during live coverage and faded to black upon noticing their mistake. That supports that it wasn't supposed to come through. I believe it was Aaron Brown who said it was an illusion.

Only one relevant point has been made besides the simple truths I've posted on the live footage clearly showing a bogey coming from the west. The fake plane could not explode because it wasn't a plane, it was a computer generated image. Had they created an impact explosion, they would have had to explain why no plane parts fell to the ground on the south side. They logically could not create an impact explosion because there was no plane to produce any plane parts in real-time. Note the drone just right of the southwest corner of tower one. It casts its own shadow left of the north hole with just fire coming from the northeast corner, no NOSE-OUT in any north view footage, live or not. It appears that the initial bomb ignited on the east side but very close to the northeast corner.

I'm the first 911 researcher to capture the bomb igniting in the south tower. Watch the northeast corner as it illuminates during ignition. Bombs were were triggered in the opposite direction of impact and created explosions along the east side and lastly to the drone's impact area on the southeast corner. The drone was used as an ignition device and to have something in the area moving toward the buildings even though it wasn't a real plane. It was at least something people could eyewitness and call a small plane or remote controlled drone like Dick Oliver had.

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