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WB11's, wackadoodle coverage of a floating ball and failed computer graphics

She only mentioned choppers being in the area after the ball came in the frame. She was stunned and shocked when the tower exploded because what appeared on screen had no wings or propeller, which is the very reason she said it could be a chopper. She used the smallest aircraft that most people would be familiar that fit closest in size to the unknown flying blob.

"A lot of ah, uncertainty right now as to what is happening, you can see there are choppers--I believe that could be a police helicopter that is co...oooh."

"We just saw another (long pause because she did not describe a plane) live picture of, duhhh, what I believe, duhhh, was a plane that just hit another plane?" So, it went from an unidentifiable chopper, to, duh, what she knew had to be a plane, because that's what was supposed to happen, but didn't.

She first described it as what might be a police helicopter and after she realized it caused the explosion, changed her thoughts in that moment. These women literally got trapped in the twilight zone. If it wasn't a helicopter, (no propeller) it certainly could not have been a plane. She simply repeated what it was supposed to be, but the ball was shown at least six more times and called a plane or twin engine jet.

This is the most conclusive evidence of CGI I found. You can see the time change to 9:27. The fake image is so poor that it has no wings and two dots for engines. Notice the ball move directly east and cgi more left/north. START VIDEO AT 5:33.
WPIX (WB11) 9/11 9:21 - 9:31 - YouTube

The truth on 911 needs no witness other than fake plane images and an orb coming from west of the towers. NO PLANE of any kind could have passed east of tower 1 only two seconds before impacting the southeast corner of tower 2. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE and no one who supports the official lies would say it is either.

I doubled the speed of WB11's ball and fake plane image. The ball was shown 6-8 times between 9:03-9:26, while the CGI made its debut only one minute later. The CGI at 9:27 was altered to make it turn more north, giving a more plausible (but still impossible) flight path. The ball moved west to east in a straight line.
WPIX (WB11) 9/11 9:21 - 9:31 - YouTube

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