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Originally Posted by Gamolon View Post

You exposed nothing! Here's another exercise for you. Download Sketchup and install it. Then get any plane model and rotate it around. You can get the same view you show. Your incoherent ramblings mean absolutely nothing.
It has nothing to do with any plane models. You need a real plane at the same angle to match your fake image. You don't have a real image that can do that. You proved that clearly by altering an image that was at a different angle and then claimed it was at the same angle. That's called lying, you pinhead.

Originally Posted by Gamolon View Post

Your problem is you have a hard time understanding scale and viewpoints when discussing photos. That translates into misinterpreting what they show as has been pointed out here. Anyone can get a 3D model and produce the same image view you claim is fake.
Your main problem is wanting to believe something you know is false. It was scaled years ago by an honest person who actually did something of worth. That work proved your fake image can never be authenticated. Any pinhead can take an image and distort it all to hell and pretend it's something it's not. That's all you did. Your claims are not only sad, but stupid and crazy.

Jennifer Spell, in her own words: "Just about five minutes after I got outside and was shooting, the second plane circle around and it flew out over New Jersey and then it came in, it just." 0:53 6:30 2:00 3:58


5 East of Europol

Great Verrazano view.

Traffic / Verrazano Narrows Bridge / New York City / Aerial | HD Stock Video 871-099-242 | Framepool Stock Footage

Traffic / Verrazano Narrows Bridge / New York City / Aerial | HD Stock Video 298-967-825 | Framepool Stock Footage


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