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The visual of the ball is one thing, sure, but what's even more irrefutable is the object passing east of T1 less than 2 seconds before the explosion and the media acknowledging that fact, but still pretending it was a plane. That is the simple and factual stupidity they'd be covered in. The vertical black line is the ball moving between the towers. It is seen quick at top right of T1.

Three ways to deal with this object: Ignore it, accept it was real and not a plane, or say it was faked.


"There you see the plane...between the two buildings...and then you see the explosion...right there, unbelievable."


Of course people like you have to admit certain evidence doesn't matter. That's one of the greater points of my work. A real plane could never be where the ball was a mere five seconds before the south tower exploded. The ball is right of T1. The red dot shows fake 175 four seconds before explosion. They cannot be the same.


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