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Four flying balls were captured on film and survived without alteration. The only inconsistency is chopper 4 disappears behind the top of tower 1, while the other three are lower but at the same level. Here they are in this order; NY1, WB11, CBS, and Chopper 4, aka WNBC. Only the CBS ball did not air live. The Today Show aired it but changed camera angles before the explosion. Chopper 4 is the only footage that looks untampered with. The others look like degraded cartoons.

THE BALL NEVER TURNED LEFT/NORTH AT ALL. It would have either impacted the west side of #2 or flew east of towers. It made two turns along tower 2, the west side, and finally across the rear/south side.

The final 14 seconds of approach by the 911 commission was south to north, not west to east.

911 Commission Hearing Flight paths into WTC - YouTube

Nothing has changed one bit about chopper 4 filming an object that was neither a plane or helicopter.

Minute 2:12, a small object enters the frame from the upper right corner --
Rapid Direct Decent, No Banked Turn

This clip of raw, uncut footage was obtained through
the Freedom of Information Act
by the National
Institute of Standards and Technology.

The running time is 3:15. At minute 2:12, a small
enters the frame from the upper right corner.
It moves in a straight line, swiftly moving from a
higher altitude to a lower altitude, coming from a
southwesterly direction (around Elizabeth, NJ).

The object makes no "banked turn," as famously
recorded by so many other cameras - nor has it any
visible wings, for that matter

Then, it plows straight into the south side of
the South Tower, with explosions emanating from the
north side, in the vicinity of the 60th floors.


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