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"And then heard this noise that seemed to come from everywhere but didn't...had no idea what it was and then the south tower just exploded, it just it just, it just blew up. And somebody said that was a plane and I was like, "I was underneath it, I was looking at the tower, I had my camera in my hand, I heard the noise, I never saw the airplane."

David, did not hear or see an approaching plane and did not photograph one. He would have heard the roaring engines coming in at over 500 mph. NO AIRLINER HIT THE SOUTH TOWER.

911stealth David Handschuh Propelled in Air a Block by Explosion & Saw No Plane - YouTube

These pics are 11-14 seconds before a decent sized fireball and show the circular bomb well west of the dive bomber myth. This proves two different flight paths beyond any doubt .


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