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Gammy made an attempt a few years ago by demonstrating how a fake plane image could align with a real one. This was done by using a real plane (notice that AIR CANADA is backward) after reversing it. He simply reduced the fake image to make it unclear that it was NOT TURNED toward the camera the same way air canada was. This simple deception was exposed by using an enlarged pic of fake 175 compared to a real boeing at or nearly the same angle. It's very important to understand that he didn't alter any evidence back then, just used an easily detectable attempt to make the angle the same. THE FAKE IMAGE IS CREDITED TO ROBERT CLARK. If there is a difference in angle, the fake image is pointed more away from the camera which would make the right wing appear further from the tail section, but it overlaps it and is angled impossibly upward.

Note, the fake left engine is too rear of the right compared to the real boeing. It's not aligned properly, and yes they were retarded in all this.

These two are at the same angle and they aren't same. The black fake has no windows or markings. Every single part on the fake image is positioned different than the real plane. That's only possible if one is fake.


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