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0:32 Clifton Cloud "I didn't see any plane, I saw it happen."

0:42 Clifton Cloud "I didn't see a second plane."

You're just not a serious person and lack the ambition to prove that your beliefs are worthy of debate. You haven't offered a shred of evidence. Do you think it's possible for a normal person to mistake a large plane for a chopper from 1 mile away?

Clifton Cloud: "I was probably about a mile away and um, I didn't, didn't realize that the second explosion was going was just just a quick sharp blast of white light, orange and then the sound, the shockwave hit a few minutes later."

Lauer: "And it was while you were shooting that, that the second plane came into view, and as you said, you really didn't even realize what you had captured. What was your response when you went back and looked carefully at the tape?

Cloud: "I thought about um, where the plane had hit in the sixties floor where one of my companies largest client's is."

2nd plane & 1st "collapse" Clifton Cloud 9/12 11:50 am - YouTube

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