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"Dude, I saw the second explosion, there was no plane that hit that second building, it exploded from the inside out."

"You said the second one was just an explosion?"

"I didn't see a plane. I was here watching it. I couldn't believe it. It exploded, it was like a flash of white light and everything just blew out."

Cloud saw an object that he called a chopper. He was confused about it because it wasn't really a chopper. Listen to it. It's well worth it. HE'S THE BEST WITNESS BY FAR.

"Ya, but I don't think it was a plane. No, because it happened like 20 minutes later. I think it was a bomb on the second building. I think they had that bomb in there and they were like alright let's maximize it. Hit it with a plane, and then hit the bomb." THE PLANE REFERENCE IS FOR T1. He did not witness that explosion.

"It was like, I saw it in slow-motion. It like erupted. The whole like side bank, just like a slow-motion movie thing. Just like boom, just out. And there was like a white flash. And I thought it shut my camera off to be honest with you."

"There was a police copter like near it...I swear, I don't know what happen to him, but. But when the second one exploded there was a helicopter not too far away."

"Ya, I tell you man, I saw it in slow motion, that second building just went boom, just exploded from the inside out, just like a movie, like a cheap movie which was really was like a 1970's Charleton Heston movie."

"It was unbelievable, I mean it exploded from the inside, that second one."

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