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The fake image passes east of the north tower just before tower 2 explodes. This is 100% inconsistent with every other final approach, official or fake. The official flight path has it correct for a real plane, which does NOT pass east of T1, only 1-2 seconds before explosion, because it's over the bay where had to be for a real plane crash. The shadow movement between the towers can only occur if it makes an impossible last second turn, which the real object apparently did. At least the last 5-7 seconds of fake 175 is entirely behind the towers, therefore making it impossible to create the shadow movement between the towers that really occurred.

911 Commission Hearing Flight paths into WTC - YouTube

Bob Varcadapane was the supervisor in Newark tower that morning, in charge of eight controllers.

At Newark tower, Bob Varcadapane is still on the phone with a controller at the New York center, and learns that a second plane has been hijacked and is almost on top of Manhattan.

Varcadapane: He says to me, As a matter of fact, do you see that target coming over the Verrazano Bridge. "I went over to the radar and looked at the radar. The Verrazano Bridge is depicted on the radar. And I looked over there and I saw the aircraft descending out of 4700 feet, 3600 feet, 2700 feet."

The skies over America - Dateline NBC | NBC News

The fake plane image must pass east of the north tower below the bbc watermark. It does not, therefore it's different from all the fake plane images coming from the west and the ball footage. The bottom image would have passed east, the above image would not have.

The fake image passes east of the north tower, and below the height of the towers. The divebomb fake never passes below them. That fact proves they are different.


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