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Chopper after T2 explosion.

Here's a reporter who literally moves away from the camera and continues talking. That's a physical reaction difficult to explain.

Note the ball at the top right at 2:13. Where did April Amonica say there was a plane after she said..."WOW,...(long pause) I GUESS THAT'S IN THE OTHER BUILDING.":roflol: "WOW,...(long pause) That, that, that apparently does look like it is in the other building at this point."

So, what was that about you knowing what you're talking about, Crazy Guy?

She saw the ball, but didn't comment on it because she didn't know what it was. That's logical and consistent with what any honest human would think. She was also careful not to acknowledge the ball and talk out loud about it like Clifton Cloud did so beautifully.

It's the last post in the letsroll thread. I didn't even have to say it and never thought it was important because the object was obviously not a plane.

Roger, if you look at the clip you linked to above (orb), you can actually see on the outer sides of the object, near the bottom of the descent, what looks like something rotating. So this could explain the woman stating a 'helicopter'. The wings do not look stationary.


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