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After that I ran up to the roof on the third floor with me and Eric Bernsten. We were watching it. We could see it from here. We have an unobstructed view. The other guys came up too. All six of us were on the roof...

Then we saw the second one come up. It looked like it was coming up the East River from here. I guess it was coming from the south. I thought it banked over the East River, which is what it looked like. I thought it made a left over the East River and went right into it going from east to west. But as it turns out, it came from the south. Then we saw it just go right into the building and explode.
I remember talking to Eric. I remember Eric saying something, "Oh, my God, there's another plane." I was saying to him, "That plane is closer to us. It's really not a big plane going towards the building." Two seconds later it rammed into the building. You don't expect it. We just freaked. | The Central Role of the News Media on 9/11

9/11 NY Aircraft 'Witnesses' - Transcripts - Transcripts

United Airlines Flight 175 Crash Evidence - 911myths

Peter Collins

Another co-worker, Peter Collins, a vice-president at Rowland Communications, saw the second plane strike the second tower.

"As we're watching the building on fire, I saw this plane sweep over the bay and I knew it was from Newark," Collins said. "It kept climbing, and all of a sudden it just went into the building. There was a spectacular fire and then a few seconds later you heard a pop. It went directly towards it, never deviated."

He said the scene was surreal.
"You're so used to terrorism happening all around you and you become numb to it," Collins said. "You see the spectacular happening right in front of you and you're just like 'whoa.' "

Ingrid Ernst

Ingrid Ernst, a flight attendant on Lufthansa Airlines, was looking out her hotel window across the Hudson River from New York City on Tuesday morning when she saw a jumbo jet penetrate the second World Trade Center building.

``It was going as fast as a regular plane. I didn't realize what was happening, Ernst, 23, of Hamburg, Germany, told the Daily News by phone from the Sheraton Hotel in Weehawken, New Jersey.

Ernst was relaxing by her window, planning her vacation in Los Angeles today, when she saw one of the hijacked passenger planes crash into the middle-to-upper floors of one of America's tallest landmarks.

``You saw the plane disappear, then fire on the other side, she said of the jet, which appeared small from her vantage across the river. ``It was like you are in a movie - it takes you awhile to realize what's happening. You're just shocked, you can't think anything at the moment.

Daily News, September 12 2001

Evan Fairbanks

(VO) In a day filled with images we may never forget, this one stands out. The extraordinary footage of an American Airlines jet slicing through the number two tower of the World Trade Center. That image was captured by 40-year-old freelance cameraman Evan Fairbanks who had been working two blocks away.

Mr. EVAN FAIRBANKS: I suddenly saw a white flash from the left side of the frame, and I--and it lasted long enough for me to be able to identify it as a--as a jet.

CHUNG: When you saw that plane hitting the Trade Center tower, could you actually fathom what you were viewing?

Mr. FAIRBANKS: Not at all. It
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