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Thanks Tak22 We need to try Sn (Tin) also the schematic. We try to learn
where ever we can.
To the post; My feelings on the videos are that Dr. Stiffler would like us to hold off for a while
as his copyright or patent rights may be uncertain or some legal aspect would allow or is needed.
He says bare with him that means he will pick this up soon with everyone who shows
common courtesy and is polite (unlike a few on the forum) probably on his own thread
somewhere. He wants a level of control about QER and anything Stiffler.
In my opinion it has to be on his terms. No one has done anything wrong.
We just need to be bare with him and let him handle this. Otherwise
we will be left out of the loop, that might prevent someone from learning
I think there's more so let's don't pss him off. I learned a great deal from him.


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