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He made a take apart video 8/4/15
caption reads:
The circuit contains NO energy sources, no batteries, no gimmicks.

My guess is a thin copper sheet 1.5 x 1 inches fitting 6oz baby food jar.
The center copper sandwiched with dielectric (packing tape) and two
aluminum plates outer with 18 Neodymium Magnets 7mm x 3mm Round.
shrink rap. a large washer, diodes, connecting to center and aluminum .
Estimate cost $10. He said it would scale up for more current.

Again just a guess on these parts, but would'nt take much to change it around so it works.
He is working on top of a plastic cutting board. Meter is showing hand capacitance.
Pretty cool, may become popular like joule thief unique fun useful.

Because it meets some important criterea: it is a basic building block of recieving energy,
has no moving parts, it is simple, sustainable, scaleable and self charging.
For these reasons It can only get better.

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