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Originally Posted by mikrovolt View Post
There has been a new video posted by Dr. Ronald Stiffler

The caption reads:
The combination of SEC and other Theories resulting in QTW or Quantum Translational Waves and the QER or Quantum Energy Receiver.
Hi Mikrovolt,
In the clip, I sort of heard Dr. Stiffler saying that "there is a copper plate in the center, with two plates inside...." as being the central construction of the receiver.
So does the receiver be constructed as the following? Nine button Neo magnets at the left side, a copper plate, then two small copper sheets( of unknown shape and placement manner), another copper plate, sandwiching the small copper sheets, then another nine Neo magnets, and then, a big steel washer sticked to the right side of the magnet column.
Is this the way the receiver is constructed?

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