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Originally Posted by Marcus Neuhof View Post
I have an idea that might help confirm whether these networks really generate a "different" kind of electricity than a SPICE model considers...

You have experimented with Tesla coils for therapy and similar purposes, to judge by your previous posts.

Well, if you build one of these networks and run the "longitudinal" current through your body at a safe and low voltage... does it FEEL different than regular electricity?
Hi Marcus. My idea is too that the coil works different than the SPICE model and the build model with coils and inductors. But you are right I would have to test that to be certain.

I do have peculiar results with my coil.

However a much more remarkable thing has also occurred. This summer it was very hot but I did not feel it. Also visitors said it was cold in the home while the temperature measured like 30 degrees. I have witnessed this more than one year. In the past my house was very hot during summer but nowadays it is not anymore. I do not know exactly how this effect is caused but know the coil is involved as shutting it down stops the cooling. I think the coil is making an aether flow that works cooling. It seems to cool most at the feet.
This to me is really a remarkable observation and I know for sure SPICE does not do that SPICE does show me how the wave behaves and gives me some clues as to possible models for space waves or counter space waves.

As to the measurements on the coil. I do not react anymore as I have the coil almost three years or so and know by now how to measure right. If someone can not reproduce the effects I have with their coil to bad for them. I am moving on

Oh I forgot to mention. A few years ago I happened to get cured from the flu with my coil and someone on this forum asked me about the frequency of the coil and that happened to be 3,2MHz. Now that happened to be a Rife frequency that he used to heal the flu. So what a coincidence that was. The effects where rather dramatically. I started to need handkerchiefs but after 15 minutes coils time all viruses where dead. I was still weak but no paper needed anymore.

Last year no flu appeared.

This year again I got a flu. I remembered the coil so I thought lets try you never know. I sat in front of the coil and not much happened. Than I remembered that it needed 3,2MHz and by now the coil operated at a lower frequency. So I removed everything and made the coil operate at 3,2MHz again and yes in 15 minutes or less all viruses where gone again. Little paper needed and I was less week as I cured earlier than the other time. So does this coil kill virusses yes. PErhaps every static field does so I do not know but it seems this one is very strong even with 20V on it.

Research will continue. Hope Eric finds his maths. I care more for results.

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