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Jerkmikey, still dont get it ?

Its not the problem, if you think hes trustworthy or not or you agree or disagree.

Its your retarded arguing at all of your Posts.

Bloaded stupid colored Spam, mixed with some Links from some Crap sources, and your Postings contains nothing only some stupid accusing like some crap storys about "other Inventors on the Web " Wtf what Drugs do you take.

Message recieved Jerkmikey? Fail.
You think i invested a lot Money into that Motors? Fail.
You think thats a Reason, i or other "attack" you? Fail.

You are a complete Fail, what you even show with your screwed Logic.

I am not interested at your Problems, what you got with Newman, and most of them seems are anyway only the half worth from that, what you bload it up.

It is also not related to the Point of this Thread,
what YOU Again Bloaded with useless crap, because you seems need to polish your Ego.

Actually its very simple for you, just shut up when you have nothing to say with every new Post what you make.
Theorizer are like High Voltage. A lot hot Air with no Power behind but they are the dead of applied Work and Ideas.
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