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Originally Posted by Gerard_Morin View Post
The other video is up.

Thanks again Gerard!

What we are talking about here is:
Oscillation of polarity of the magnetic aether field.
So, what is usually called "electromagnetic spectrum" is really quite simply oscillation of polarity of the magnetic aether field.
The oscillation frequencies can range from (1/∞) up to (∞).

It is these osculations in the magnetic aether field that have interaction with different matter at differing frequencies.

So, there is always an emitter to tuned-receiver (or, not so tuned) relationship.

So, light is nothing more than a magnetic either frequency vibration. And so just as electricity is best generated in a copper wire as the magnetic either field cuts through at 90 (magnetic either field in motion), the receptors in our eyes are receptive to certain frequencies of magnetic aether field oscillation. And the "scattering of light" is merely shifts in the vector (direction) within the magnetic aether field (as well as vibration absorption) as it interacts with mater occupying the aether field.

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