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Originally Posted by Magnethos View Post
Another interesting thing is about oscillatory circuits. Donald Smith said that the higher the frequency the higher the amount of energy that can flow to the circuit. He also said that our 50 Hz would be the equivalent to less than 10 watts. The higher the frequency the better. Zero point energy is an energy of high frequency.

About the resonant tank, I've found a thing that almost everyone knows.
The inductor produces a REVERSE VOLTAGE when the supply is TURNED OFF:

Slow-motion showing showing the
"reverse voltage" pulse produced by the
inductor when the supply is removed.

When a capacitor is added to the circuit, the energy flows from the inductor to the capacitor, and back to the inductor, when the supply is removed, to produce an "oscillatory effect."
The end result is a sinewave output.
The animation below shows the energy flowing between the components with the "centre-reading" voltmeter detecting the voltage:

If we compare the needle of the voltmeter in the LC animated graph, then we can see some analogy with this graphic:

As we can see the energy flows back and forth almost for a high number of times. This is an energy loss oscillation:

The energy is lost in the circuit following a Fibonacci curve.

Remember that Donald Smith talked about the LC circuits and the energetic gain OR lost in the resonant tank:

In the case described above in this post, we've the first case (the top one of the three cases). Fibonacci was also discussed by Smith.

It would be possible to 'reverse' this phenomenon and produce a regenerative oscillation? It seems that it would be possible.
I've read some references about energy generation and golden ratio. The most recent one is the E-Stress power generator.

i got the following signal from an oscillating ETBC when i put two pieces of ferrite bar inside the ETBC , but using only one ferrite bar the increased oscillation disappear !

i wonder why ?
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