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Originally Posted by Duncan View Post
I guess in practice implode or explode doesn't make to much difference, once imploded the glass keeps going. It may just as well have exploded!
As for deaths it used to happen in earlier days because the front screens were not reinforced as effectively as later days and laminated glass was unknown, if the tube did blow a flying 'glass bomb' with shards projected out front ways could be the result.
I guess you could call that 'unprotected' and it certainly killed one or two customers in the early days of CRT Television. Of course there's been a few nasty accidents with engineers slipping into the tubes whilst toying inside the guts
luckily they don't usually blow when you break the neck else I would have been long gone myself.

i agree with you, it's safe to break them from the neck ( those with protection ) , i remember i got an electrostatic shock in my head from a TV tube when working with it without discharging the charge inside it i i lost my vision the few moment when the charge pass my brain !! fortunately they don't exist now !
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