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Analogy with a peltier module

We can also make an analogy with a peltier module. As you know, a peltier module absorbs heat in one side (cold side) and emits heat in the other side (hot side). I see this as process of energy collection from space and energy emission to space. I've used heat as the absorbtion energy because at least in the emission/scattering part is heat the energy that is lost in the circuit.

As we know electromagnetism is based on absorbtion and emission of energy to space, while radiant energy is cold in nature and it has none or little heat emission to space. I see the heat emission to space as energy losses in a circuit. For that reason I always say that we cannot harvest energy using electromagnetism because electromagnetism implies losses in the circuit.

To absorb energy we've to collect free voltage (potential) in the space, that is a counterclockwise spin process. As you may remember Donald Smith said that in resonance, there is not resistance in the circuit, so there are not energy losses in the circuit and ohm's law and joule's law are invalid. This can be easily seen because with cold electrical energy we can light a bulb under water without getting an electric shock or we can send some kilowatts of energy through a very thin wire without any heat.

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