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TPU and Steven Mark

I don't know if this is true or not, but I read years ago somewhere that Steven Mark's TPU was invented after some strange accidents that Steven or a friend of him witnessed. The accident(s) was about strange tv implosions that caused the death of some people that were near the tv.

Steven always asked to himself what could be causing those tv implosion. I also remember that one day Steven was performing some tests and witnessed that magnetometers around the room started to detect some different measurements misteriously. After that, one of his conclussions was that 'there was a combination (pattern) of energies that can excite the space and can invoke huge amounts of energy'. If controlled, they can be used for energy generation.

Maybe Steven was refering to space polarization? Maybe there are some hidden oscillatory processes that can polarize space?

I think one critical part is about heterodyne oscillations.
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