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Originally Posted by ldrancer View Post
it's sampull. i might comment later. for example, what are you going to use to show what it powers. what tests are there you are, have been doing? which are there. ive seen the one motor spinning something else. ive seen the transformers. is there a way to make a homemade version in what your looking for to be made. is there a way to make it for the thing it needs to be made to be done. like homemade transformers i havent started looking. but hwat are you looking for in them.
ive not watched fully. can someone explain the tests, experiments what the purpose of them are and how theyre done, to get the whole understanding of it.

Yes that is what we all what to know. You can rest assured when

Gerard cuts loose this next round he will have everything listed as

thousands are asking the same questions. We will have to wait.

Gerard is still building his new shop. The pole transformers are what

I started this thread for as well as the mini-motor-generators.

Me and Hitby want to see Gerard bust out his big transformers

one day. For now if I am correct on this, Gerard is working

with the pancake motors powering them with true 3 phase

rf power and this will be his first one.

Gerard has already shown the big transformers in operation

but I would like to see him do another round of those type


Mike Rowland (Central Kansas USA)

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