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Originally Posted by Joit View Post

Retards like you dont hurt

You think Newman is not trusthworthy? Its Jerks like you are, what are more worse.

message received Joit no problem. You are a classic example of

most people. I am the minority. No I don't think Newman is

trustworthy. Not at all. I am entitled to my view just as

you are entitled to your view.

Attacking those who disagree with you only shows

that you must have spent a lot of money on a Joe Newman

motor. Sorry too bad your motor don't work, don't blaim me.

Oh and one more thing about all of this to those who are listening

in. If all of these inventors around the web quote Joe Newman

as being one of the greatest inventor why do they all make a motor

that does not work like Joe's and then patent that?

Why don't anyone of these inventors with Newman all over

their lips build his motor and show it working? HUH? WHY?

I'll tell you why. These inventors couldn't get it to work

so they made their own ideas as the went.

To date no one has a Joe Newman motor.

Oh the inventors all know that the average person looks at

Joe like he is a cool church goer party animal hippy so they

all go along with the public.

Have a nice day world, your number is up at around age 70-80 years.

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