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Originally Posted by Joit View Post
Jerkmikey You still dont get it ?

None cares about your crap Storys.
Is that so hard to get for you ?

Okay Okay I get it, I'll just go away and you can go

back into your dream world of delusional motor designs

to save the world in Jesus name like Joe Newman does.

I am sorry if I hurt you JOIT, it is nothing personal.

I realize many more people feel the way you do and

I don't want to under rate their feelings as well.

It would be easier for me to do what all of the inventors

do to keep the arguing down, just give everyone

a pat of the head "GOOD BOY" for getting us all


But it does seem a bit confusing to many

that after 40 years (1970-2015) that no one has a

working motor over 90 percent efficient.

The claims of 500 percent are simply lies on

Newman's part. I believe it is possible to get that.

Make no mistake Joe will never help any of us to

get that, we are on our own and have been for

the past many years.

The point of all of this discussion for me is to show

that your experiments and mine will be the success or

failure of getting the OU. It is there. The Joe Newman

device will only serve to lead you down the wrong road.

He does not come forward into a classroom like John Bedini

does. Newman has predicted the end of the world by

2012. Joe said many crazy things and is mentally inferior

is ways that make him a poor choice to learn anything

from. This is my personal opinion and remember that

many people feel the way I do.

You could make a Newman motor and get the extra.

You are on your own. Now with that said, you and I

have no direction to go in without the inventor's

instructions. So which way are we going to go with

this "BIG EUREKA"?

I understand that you and others want the extra and

believe Joe is a great guy who is nice enough to give us

his blue print. It is a lie. Free energy with the similar

window motor makes more sense to me than following

this weirdo. You are free to close your eyes to the

truth posted everywhere about Joe Newman.

May God help us all to see through the lies.

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