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Originally Posted by Joit View Post
Bromikey. Our little Clown.

Go Phac off to an other Forum they need Idiots

Here is a quote from Norm back in 2000, we need to at least

see the words relating to the scam. The thing that grinds

me the most about the young people who think NEWMAN

is great is that they put Newman on the same plane as

John Bedini or Adams, Cole and so on. That shows me

how little discernment most have.

What an insult to the real inventors like John Bedini, guys

who are real men. If Newman is just as good as the other

inventors, then how come we don't here a steady stream

of scam reports, like we do with Newman? Huh? I want to

know why. You can't tell me why because most of you are

unreasonable, irrational and with never contribute.

To all list members:

Joseph Newman has a picture of what he claims is the newest model of his energy Machine.
It can be viewed at:

Joseph Newman and his troll buddy, Evan Soule' would have you believe that this is THE
energy machine. They, however, have provided no information of any kind to support their
claims. They are undoubtedly using the picture to lure in investors (suckers) to support
them. I currently have a couple people in the Chicago area doing some checking, as well
as notifying the Chicago area Fraud Bureau of the scam.

For anyone interested in checking on it for themselves, you can go to the following

If Joe Newman can build this motor using his special formula, it would cost in the
neighborhood of $60,000.00.

His rude, crude "collectible" motor is not selling. He needs a new scam, and this is it.
Please do not be fooled by Newman/Soule' snake oil hype.

Now, to the latest "Scam" by Joe Newman. I viewed the "latest" con-job by Joe Newman. I
went to the site, "Right-clicked" the photo, and sent the photo to myself so I could view
it at my leisure. This is very interesting. By studying the photo, and making some
measurements with a ruler (crudely done, BTW), I have come to the conclusion that the
Shaft is 1/6th the diameter of the "motor" housing. Further measurements reveal that the
length of the housing is 13.3 times the diameter.

Since Newman knows how to design nothing, I will assume that he used the 9 inch diameter
pipe that we used in our prototype.
If this is the case, it means that the housing is 119.9 inches long. (actually, probably
10 feet). If he went to a 12" diameter housing, the housing will be 159.6 inches long (
13.3 feet). In any event, there is no way to install the magnets into this sucker, by
hand. (even a Chimp doesn't have arms that long). It would require some very
specialized equipment to do so. (probably at a cost of several hundred thousand dollars).
Furthermore, if he fitted magnets to within one foot of each end, he would have five
times the number of magnets used in our prototype. (figure a minium of $30,000 worth of
neodymium magnets) This also means that he would require 5 times the number of
"Lamentations" at a cost of another $15,000.

If we give him the benefit of the doubt, and assume he has accomplished this much, we have
to take it a step further. There is no coil-winding machine capable of winding such long,
narrow coils for a specialized application. Such a machine would be a VERY special, and
very, very expensive piece of equipment. It would also require special fixtures to hold
the coils while they were being installed.

Now comes the zinger. Because of the distance between the Bearing supports (12 feet) he
is going to produce a tremendous amount of "slap". He would need the the armature shaft
to be at least 2 1/4 inches in diameter (1/4 the housing diameter), and the armature
itself would have to be very finely balanced.

If you study the photograph, you will see a silver colored band near each end of the
housing. When Newman was here, he wanted to split the pipe lengthwise to install the
magnets, and hinge the two parts together. We tried to explain to him why this was not
feasible. He may have done this on the latest "motor". Furthermore, you will notice that
there is no brush-holder access holes anywhere on the motor.

If you look at the shaft, you will see that it is a dull dark color. A new motor shaft is
highly polished.

Here is my educated guess: Newman has taken a 12 foot section of pipe, and stuck a
section of plumbing pipe into it, to give the appearance of a motor. He can now use this
photograph to attempt to get more investors into his scam. There is nobody in Chicago, or
anywhere else who would touch this thing. It would require several million dollars to get
set-up, get supplies, and produce it. Furthermore, no one would attempt to do so without
extensive "independent" testing of a prototype, which we know Newman will not do.

And the SCAM goes on ! ! !



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