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Many people use the name Stefan Hartman to validate

Joe Newman's work who runs OVERUNITY. This is what inventor

Rosemary Ainslie had to say about his honesty. I'll bet he locked

some of you out for telling the whole truth.

Rosemary Ainslie:
Hi Greg,

Just bear in mind that Poynty Point has his own forum. YET. He very seldom if EVER goes there. He dips in there once in a blue moon to post short comments. At the moment he's trying to promote the absurd 'esoteric philosophies' of someone who posts under the name of aether. Poynty otherwise LIVES at OU.COM and shadows TK. And If and when required - he speaks up in support of TK's stance. They're a team. It used to include MileHigh - but now - not so much.

And TK you can forget. He's lost ALL credibility. You'll see this in the response to his posts. The only truth is that MOST posters are still too cowardly to call TK out. But they've voted with their fingers. They don't call in there anymore. Where literally THOUSANDS watched the saga between us - where he was doing his damnedest to wreck our technology - NOW there are barely a handful who bother to read.

But I will be surprised - pleasantly so - if Stefan Hartman locks your thread. It's highly unlikely - unless it's also too obvious that TK's NOT representing the popular opinion. We'll see.

Kindest regards

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