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PhACT: The Error Machine of Joseph Newman

The Error Machine of Joseph Newman

by Tom Napier

Eric Krieg's Arizona radio show was a reaction to Joseph Newman's long-running campaign to have himself and his "Energy Machine" hailed as world saviors. Here is some background for readers unfamiliar with Newman's ideas. I hope eventually to address them in greater technical detail on PhACT's Web site.

Since the early seventies Joe Newman has been promoting a electric motor which, he claims, generates more output than the input from the driving battery. Much of this time he has been fighting the patent office. They, not unnaturally, refused to grant a patent on what appeared to be a perpetual motion machine. To counter them Newman has bombarded scientific journals, Congressmen and several US Presidents with letters of complaint. He has even run for President. From time to time he stages demonstrations to encourage investors to fund bigger and better versions of his device.

Our old friend Dennis Lee learned the free energy business from Newman. Both claim to have been inspired by God but only Newman claims to have been predicted by Nostradamus!
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