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Originally Posted by Joit View Post
You are not more worth as your useless Links from this Rainbow Press

Dear Joint

Well now thats a shocker that you boys are still throwing


That is your rubber stamp. Now you should feel better boy.

Yeah I am an emtional train wreck when it comes to perverts

following perverts. Like Newman. A man with a little piggy

put a dress on him and "DUDE LOOKS LIKE A LADY"

You like Newman? You follow'em.

Here is Newman again playing Screwball


Joe Newman - free energy claimant accused of incompetance

My name is Norm Biss and I live in Erie PA. Today's date is 13 Aug.' 98

The following is a factual and true account of me and the company I am
employed by. It involves the manufacture of a full size prototype motor
utilizing Joe Newman's "theory".

Being of reasonable mind and sound mental faculties, this 59 year old motor
technician (myself) wishes to disclose dealings involving what I feel are treacherous and
dishonest actions of Joseph Westley Newman- who I consider a common thief"

At this point let me state for the record that I felt Joe Newman was somewhat
of an autistic savant. He can be somewhat brilliant at times, at other times,
he is extremely obtuse and downright stupid. If you could unscrew the top of
his head and look inside, you would probably find a gyroscope with the gimbals

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