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You are not more worth as your useless Links from this Rainbow Press, what looks anyway more like her usual Method to trow dirt over someone,
what they dont want to have at the public with his work.
And you jerk jump on her train.

All you can do is to bload your posts with some pink coloured bold Letters and make yourself a pink coloured Clown.
Why is that. Because you dont really have to say something in common or about that Device?

Just to play the Clown here, because you dont get the Attention anywhere else for your Crap? Poor Poor Boy.
Maybe even you grow up once, because it seems you get stuck anywhere at your teenage years.

And again for your slow mind, if you didnt get it.
Me, and it seems others are NOT interested at your garbage.
Go and trow your off-topic crap somewhere else, but not here, when you have basically ZERO to tell about the Device itself.
Theorizer are like High Voltage. A lot hot Air with no Power behind but they are the dead of applied Work and Ideas.
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