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Originally Posted by 10k View Post
So what ever happened to hitby? Did he give up? Gerrard appeared, did he offer any help to hitby?

(Serious replys only, just ignore this question if you are a two year old like genesc)

Hey 10K I talk to HITBY every once in a while, not this month.

He is working on his free or extra energy devices and does not

keep up with the thread here everyday. But who knows, maybe

he will chime in eventually. I should call him up and see how

he is. I hope Gerard comes through with why the setup HITBY

tried didn't see the gains but I think because we didn't get

what we needed that it is unfair to say that we have replicated

the Gerard Morin high voltage transformer experiment when

we didn't. This would require a few thousand and so far we only

raise a couple hundred.

I am sure Hitby will soon let us know of any developments.


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