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Yet another Joseph Newman comment

I have spent a lot of time on this forum and its many threads over the last few years. And, today, I spent an enjoyable hour+ watching and reading in this thread. A lot of this Newman material is content I have seen before, but I enjoyed seeing it again. The big challenge is to apply logic and critical thinking skills when thinking about the many issues raised. If you are able to do this it becomes clear that one needs to clearly separate in ones mind some of the facts and observations from the false arguments of the detractors. Specifically, there are individuals that form a group that wish to attack and discredit the supposed discovery of scientific principles that are at odds with conventional thought. Rather than attack the observations and conclusions of credentialed scientists and engineers, some choose to attack the man. This is known as the ad hominem fallacy attack. If you are able to separate the ad hominem material from the testimony of the engineers and scientists you may still be left with a lot of questions, but you may see the necessity for further experiments.

I would say that there is a lot of interest and effort going on now, in 2015, that could be characterized as a reaction to Einstein. This constitutes an anti-Einstein undercurrent in the current scientific community.

In the video compilations it is twice mentioned that 35 investigators signed affidavits supporting the over unity claim of Newman. On top of that, thousands of people have attended events at which Newman has presented his theories and thousands have seen his demonstrations. To widen the net, it is probably fair to say that hundreds of thousands have seen his story on TV or read about him in print media.

Based on this exposure, I would assert that over the last 40+ years, Newman has inspired the anti-Einstein science community. I happily state that he has inspired me to keep an open mind and be willing to try some experiments of my own design. I doubt that the "big names" would come out and admit the positive influence of Newman in their personal journey, but it would be interesting to know exactly how much of an influence he has had.

It must be discouraging and depressing to live through so much opposition and resistance, but we know this experience is common among inventors and other strong leaders. I think Newman has been mistreated.

I'm glad this thread is here and at three pages it is still reasonably short.
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