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Zyto elite 5.o for sale

Selling Zyto Elite 5.0 with Software, tower (only used once), 2 new hand cradles in their boxes and customer handout brochure 5 packets. $9,999. Includes $150 transfer license fee.
Buyer must be a licensed practitioner and pay $50 monthly to the Zyto Company. I am selling it because of business relocation. This tool is amazing, it gives a lot of information in a very short amount of time which gives practitioners more time per day to see more clients. PLEASE CONTACT ME TO MY PRIVATE EMAIL: for pictures, more info or any questions. I will answer all emails.

The Elite system gives licensed practitioners access to the maximum range of stressors and balancers. This is the perfect system for practitioners who need versatility, whether you’re seeing a patient for only a few minutes or giving a significant amount of time and personalized attention, the Elite has everything you’ll need.

One of the unique benefits of the Elite is that it gives you full customizable control over scans, biosurveys, and library items. The Elite allows you to choose how in depth you want to go with clients, and provides a wide range of tools to do so.

The Elite provides you with access to an extensive library containing homeopathy, chemicals, heavy metals, nosodes, sarcodes, environmental antigens, and more. Each library item functions in the Elite as a Virtual Stimulus Item (VSI). These VSIs can be accessed and scanned manually, or may be included in specialized automated biosurvey scans.

A standard Elite scan allows you to manually select certain VSIs to scan as stressors against the body, and then to manually select other VSIs as balancers. Finally, you can verify how the selected balancers affect the stressors. The Elite also includes other great features such as specialized dosing and potency scans.

Additionally, the Elite system provides you with full access to the ZYTO Biosurveys, which quickly and easily perform automated scans on clients. The Elite system also provides you with the opportunity to purchase additional Biosurveys through the ZYTO Online Store. Finally, the Elite system allows you to create and save your own specialized Biosurveys.

With full access to the library of VSIs, the Elite system allows you to create your own inventory, organize products into customized categories, and even create your own library items.

The Elite truly gives you full control over the libraries and scans, allowing you to make the best decisions when testing and aiding your clients.
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