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The Real Newman Motor To Replicate

The Real Newman Motor To Replicate

For anyone truly and seriously interested in attempting a replication of the real Newman motor. Below is a snapshot of the real motor, a description by Mr. Newman and my observations.

Mr. Newman briefly described this motor as having:
  • a long hexagonal shaped magnetic shaft.
  • coils at right angles.
  • a commutator that fires every 90 Degrees.

My observations:
Mr. Newman appears to use a commutator with 11 sections. His book discuses the benefits of dividing a spark gap into multiple sections in series.

His coil design, when "fired", allows the magnetic A Field to push on multiple magnets placed along the long hexagonal shaft. Conversely, this shape also allows a very efficient method of generating electron flow in the wires as the moving magnetic field from the magnets cut through the wires.

For each time Joe fires his coil, he apparently gets in return, 1) the energy from the Back Electromagnetic Force generated by the collapsing magnetic field. This also cuts the right-angled coils to induce energy from them. 2) the induced energy created in the coils from the rotating mass of the magnets.

His motors use a flywheel to evenly displace energy within the system. The pictured motor has a fan to show that the motor is generating torque. Still, the mass of the fan acts as a flywheel within the system.


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