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Originally Posted by shylo View Post
So the counter force that arises from drawing off a generating coil, actually is causing rotation of the armature?
No, Its because the flux is following a contorted path through the armature, this flux tries to straighten and pushes the armature as it does so.
Originally Posted by shylo View Post
Which will balance won't it?
Magnetic balance would be reached when the armature coil is half way between the motor and generator coil. There is no electrical balance or current would not flow.
Originally Posted by shylo View Post
Is the counter force equal to the supply? Won't the counter always be less?
Or are they equal? I believe they are equal. Everything balances, that's natures' way.
The electrical counter force (BEMF) is always less, so is the magnetic in this device. Nature always moves towards equilibrium, we create an imbalance and nature will move to balance it. Yes in terms of energy we always have unity, Power in = power out, but what form the power takes and where the energy comes from can be different. Energy in = generated power + mechanical power + losses. We can also say, our input + gains = our output + losses. Creating an imbalance allows all this to happen, we create the imbalance and nature supplies the energy to balance it, thatís the two inputs.
Originally Posted by shylo View Post
Delay the counter and we'll have the answer?
I don't think we can delay the counter, but here is a little secret, current can be delayed, but I'm not doing this in this device.
Originally Posted by shylo View Post
A magnet is always attracted to a piece of steel. A field winding is only a magnet ,when power is supplied.
Shut off the field winding , the collapse creates an opposite field , use that for the drive.
Just the way I'm thinking. Probably out in left field. lol
No, the collapse is the same field, of the same magnetic polarity. This is a common misconception. The electrical polarity of the coil changes, but the magnetic poles and current flow direction remain the same.

This device is very inefficient, it leaks like a sieve, but it is a key to unlocking the way forward.

Assymetry = creating an imbalance
Attraction = stopping the magnetic leaks
All on one core = reducing the iron and friction leaks
Low ohmic resistance = low ohmic leaks (copper losses)
Multi function = proving one magnetic field/current can do more than one thing at the same time, ie motor and generate.
Multi output = More than one usable form of energy on the output
Recycling = using current more than once

There is more, but thatís for a different thread
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