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Originally Posted by mbrownn View Post
I have taken this control off this device.
Hi mbrownn,

I was referring to the machine shown in the video, post #56. So your statement makes no sense to me.

Originally Posted by mbrownn View Post
I think you are overlooking a few points. BEMF is used as a means of controlling a motor, without it they would tend to accelerate to self destruction.
BEMF is half of the equation for the power converted from mechanical to electrical (generator) or from electrical to mechanical (motor). That conversion power is the generated voltage (BEMF) times the armature current. Without BEMF, a motor would not rotate due to an electric input.

Originally Posted by mbrownn View Post
In lap wound armatures we have currents in adjacent wires going in opposite directions, this is a compromise that also limits torque to some extent. A simple armature removes this compromise.
In a properly wound lap armature (or wave wound), all the adjacent wires under a particular field pole conduct current in the same direction. Wires in the armature conducting currents in opposite directions are separated by the wires of coils being commutated which are in the interpolar region where there is little to no flux so they have a minimal influence on torque production. In other words, practically all armature conductors (wires) conducting current contribute to positive torque production.

Can you define what you mean by "simple armature"? Thanks.


edit: Here is a link to a ppt file showing the lap and wave windings.,d.cGU

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