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Originally Posted by bistander View Post
I see no "problems". Without increasing the amount of copper, you could not change the armature winding to get more torque. The BEMF is likely appropriate for the application hence the reason this winding was chosen. And any armature inductance contributes to reactance with the alternating current in the armature circuit which is no problem. Extracting any other than shaft power from an intermittent duty motor is a losing proposition. If the machine is a generator, you're already taking all the generated electrical power.
I think you are overlooking a few points. BEMF is used as a means of controlling a motor, without it they would tend to accelerate to self destruction. I have taken this control off this device.

In lap wound armatures we have currents in adjacent wires going in opposite directions, this is a compromise that also limits torque to some extent. A simple armature removes this compromise.

Lap and wave wound armatures are good at what they do but are a design compromise to reduce arcing.
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