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Pelex device

New device built on Gerards work. Keep doin yer home work.

New PELEX DEVICE Successfully Looped!

We drive Pelex with a WASHER PUMP motor in reverse as a generator which drives a battery charger LOOPED to feed the source batteries successfully driving the circuit infinitely. FREE ENERGY's possible

I'd have to build a larger Pelex device, but, when.finished, the 2200 watts necessary to max out the alternator would amplify to be an output of approximately 660,000 watts. I'd have to look into having a professional wind the coils for me because I don't have the patience. Lol

The system also successfully drives aluminum/copper/aluminum arc plates (as an energy drawing arc gap) between two high voltage transformers to bring in a much larger volume of external energy. I took the output, raised it to 360 volts. I added the Tesla hairpin circuit, then, input the low side of a neon sign transformer at 12kV. I added a custom spark gap, as stated above to come up with a massive gain in energy amplification

The hairpin is pretty neat. I don't have a high voltage power supply and I won't have one for about a month, but what I've done is use the spark gap from the relay in place of the hairpin spark gap with everything else being the same. It makes only a tiny amount of power, enough to light a led. But what's neat is the led doesn't need to touch both copper rods to light. It also lights when you hold one lead and touch the other lead to the copper, or ground one lead and touch the other to the copper, or jumper both leads of the led and just bring it near the copper an it lights that way too! So far no OU, though. I've read the hairpin circuit has stationary waves. What I might do next is fashion a long copper rod into a perfect circle (ends welded together) and have the two capacitors at opposite sides of the circle, but that will also have to wait about a month.

funny part is I'm actually waiting about a month for parts to arrive so I wont be doing too much with my experimentation either since I blew my 15kV transformer last night using the hairpin circuit.. lol

another experimenter looking for a freebie on my dime. Why is it so when we work our hearts out and spend so much to figure things out that we have to give something away that cost so much to design? I don't get it. If the shoe were on the other foot, you'd probably be a bit more understanding. I didn't do this so I could give this **** away. I did this to prove it could be done. It isn't a play I have going on here, it's a message to those who have a few abilities to do what science is saying is impossible, when nothing is impossible. Now instead of spreading sarcastic comments all over my page, It would have come back to you a bit differently if you asked me nicely the methods used to figure it out. That I would have shared, but, you've already pushed your luck. I have people here not too far below this comment who have earned the real hints as how this worked, in fact, some of my mentions are in the comments. I've already had many things happen that don't happen to the average person over sharing schematics and such. I enjoy my freedom, my family, and my life.. enough said.

the video starts with a range of 117-119 volts and it keeps varying back and forth between 115-119 volts. If I move the magnets on the motor it will jump to 125 volts and still vary all the way down from 115 and up to 125 depending on the speed of the generator. If you watch my other video showing the Pelex device you will see the input at a mere 5-7 watts @ 120 v input to 120 v @ 800-1500 watts output without one issue of losing voltage since it is utilizing the wall power to do this. The power factor has been increased and literally fixed where it originated at 39, and it is 99 in my output, which is literally incredible. I'm not sure where you see my voltage going lower.. Please explain. The input firing the motor stays on as long as I wish, I just don't have the ability to upload a video the length I would like, nor do i have anything available to provide a live feed, maybe somebody can assist and provide this to me, but, I don't feel it's necessary to provide this to anybody other than investors. I feel I really don't have to prove myself to make others feel i an genuine and not a scam artist because the devices I build are all very real.

It can be done and has been able to be done for well over 130 years.. We've just been suppressed and fortunately enough there's more and more devices that are very real on an every day basis regardless of how many brainwashed people are out there that believe the message JP Morgan has made when he started the suppression back in 1893, one year after Maxwell died. Morgan paid Lorenz to rewrite the Maxwell equations, where he eliminated the equations that would allow free energy possibilities and asymmetric magnetics, which have been released and have started to be experimented with in very specific Ivy League schools, but, it isn't over yet because to see these studies posted by the IEEE, all of us have to go out and pay $450 each to even see the results, making them all suppressed as they are not considered to be public knowledge as the suppression is still going on. Unfortunately, my devices releases massive amounts of very low frequency cold radiation and probably would never be approved for legal use in any electrical inspection, nor will it probably ever be approved by UL for a number of massive EMI (electromagnetic interferences ) caused by the device which are very similar to the operation of the Bashar STA which causes electrical elimination for conventional circuitry, elimination of standard electromagnetic transformation at high wattages and high voltages, so, the PELEX device has to be limited to an energy savings device to be used at each outlet in the home to stop the limitations it causes. I am finding it stops cellular phones from working for 50-174' away depending on it's voltage used and the size of the load. I have tried to shield it unsuccessfully, but I am determined to get past all of that and will definitely try to come up with a quick solution. There is a massive radiation released from it, but, fortunately enough it is only a very low frequency emi that travels a very long distance and I am up for ideas from anybody that I can try to eliminate this so I can get this out on the market, even if I have to sell plans and my technical expertise to help people get them going within the next year or so. My fear is taking people out of work who are in the electrical industry, so, I would much rather sell these to power companies, but, the sizes they need would release a devastating field that would most likely decimate wireless communications and other devices that I haven't checked to see if it even interfered with, such as electrical metering, etc.

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