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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
Here's a little video about the motor I picked up on eBay. Not sure it will work, as it has 41 sections on the commutator. But it does have four coils and two sets of brushes. I imagine a proper rotor with the right number of commutator sections could be machined that would fit this motor.

eBay Motor - YouTube

That looks like a golf cart starter generator, I have used the generator coils in a standard GM generator. The ones I had were 1.6 ohms. There 2 different sizes of generator coils for those. The smaller ones wont put out that much. If I remember right about 35 volts per coil. The larger ones will put out 120 volts.They just about light 3-100 watt bulbs to full brightness.

This motors are fun to work with. The brush end cap has its disadvantages.
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