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I believe I believe

Originally Posted by Joit View Post
J. Newman complained about, that they grounded the device
Joe has been pushed around long enough. Maybe a factory

in the last 40 years could have gotten some of that energy

from one of these machines. Maybe a Small business could have

seen some saving from one of Joes machines? Nothing.

Maybe in the last 40 some year someone somewhere could show

how much money they saved running one of these machines?


Maybe it is not cost effective. Maybe some have tried it.

You would think that a small factory would have taken Joe N

on for a few bucks to see if the machine could save money.


You would think that factories running $100,000 power bills

could afford several thousand to save 10X that much.


If Joe is really doing what he says maybe he could run something

non stop, such as a large water pump shooting the water into

the air to show farmers around the world that he has a free

never ending water fountain.


Joe keeps saying that people COULD pump water and that people

COULD do this this and people COULD do that with his machine

but never a working example, never.

Nothing in 40 years that shows a closed loop self runner.


Does any one ever think about how long 40 years is?

40 years is plenty of time to show a functioning working example

of a self running machine powering something especially with

Joe starting out in the 70's as a young Engineer so highly

intelligent. Of course Joe says all of those standing around

must not be very smart because they don't believe his carnival

sales approach is really real stuff.

Nothing from nothing = Nothing

And that is all we as the general populous has for a working self


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